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Lead Yourself First

Lead Champion Performance Teams.

We help your leadership team think, perform, and influence like the leaders they were meant to be.


So you can focus on strong revenue growth and achieving business objectives faster.

In this program we work with your managers, supervisors & leaders to cover:

  • Developing game-changing leadership habits
  • Using strengths to charm your customers with effective presentation and listening skills
  • Positive psychology techniques to build more effective teams
  • How to motivate and manage a team with social influence.

Create a thriving leadership culture. Transform managers into world-class leaders.

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Own Your Influence

Create The Results You Want.

Influence isn’t luck or magic – it’s a science.


Unlock your team’s potential with the science of influence and the power of negotiation.


These techniques are proven to make your team more successful as sales associates or marketers.

Your team will learn:

  • How to use factors that influence decision making
  • The 6 principles of influence
  • Tools for effective communication that will work with even your most difficult customers
  • Advanced negotiation strategies to find agreements that benefit all parties
  • How to use “rapport” to create more natural and engaging discussions with customers and partners
  • How to understand body language,mirroring techniques, and be aware of how they’re perceived.

Creating Positive Organizations

Positive Psychology. The Science Of Success.

When people enjoy what they do, there are no limits to what can be achieved.


Positive psychology is the foundation for working at your best and a proven method for creating change.


Positive psychology is embraced by business leaders wanting to see sustainable improvements in productivity, sales, and innovation.

Maximize your corporate culture.

Accelerate Change

This training is for businesses who are committed to hiring top talent employees and who consider their people essential to the company’s success.

Your team will:

  • Learn about a growth mindset and how every individual plays an important role in the creation of a positive organization.
  • Complete a core talent assessment so you can leverage the unique intellectual and personal aptitudes of the team.
  • Experience the power of appreciative inquiry. The more attention we give to something, the more it expands as part of our experience.

Create an attractive work environment. Keep a talented team.

You invest a lot of time and energy into your team. We want you to keep your people. By creating a more attractive work environment, your team will become more adaptable and accepting of change.